Terms of Service

This Terms and Use was originally created in Korean and English translated version is provided for the sake of the convenience of global users.

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of the LikeMe Terms of Use is to define the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between Artesophy Corporation (the “Company”) and the Member regarding the use of the LikeMe service provided by the Company.

Article 2. Definitions

The definitions of the terminology used in the Terms of Use are as follows:

  1. “Service” refers to LikeMe and other LikeMe related services that “Member” can use regardless of the type of the device (including all kinds of wired/wireless equipment such as PC, TV and mobile device) in which it is installed.
  2. “Member” refers to a customer who logs into the Service of the Company, signs an agreement for use with the Company in accordance with this Terms of Use, and uses the Service provided by the Company;
  3. “Posting” refers writing, image, video in the form of information including signs, letters, voices, sounds, videos and animations along with various files and links that the Member posts on the Service while using the Service.

Article 3. Posting and Amending the Terms of Use

  1. The Company shall post the Terms of Use on the front page of the Service so that the Member can easily access the content.
  2. The Company may amend the Terms of Use within the scope of not violating relevant laws. When the Company amends the Terms of Use, it shall post a public notice with clear statement of the application date and the reason of amendment as well as the current Terms of Use from thirty (30) days prior to the application to the day before the application in a way set forth in Clause 1. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to the Member, the Company shall put a public notice within the service for a certain period of time and use other electronic means, such as the SMS and Agreement Window which pops up during log-in to clearly notify him/her of the modification.
  3. Notwithstanding the clear statement of the Company, when it gives a notification pursuant to the previous Clause, that the Member would be deemed to have agreed with the amended Terms of Use if he/she does not express any opinion within thirty (30) days, if the Member does not show any disagreement explicitly, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed with the amended version of Terms of Use.
  4. When the Member does not agree to the amended Terms of Use, the Company shall not apply the amended provisions, and the Member may terminate the agreement for use. However, if the original Terms of Use cannot be applied due to specific reasons, the Company may terminate the agreement for use.
  5. If some parts of the Terms of Use are deemed to be unimplementable, rest of the Agreement shall be valid.

Article 4. Interpretation of the Terms of Use

  1. The Company may have separate Terms of Use and operation policies (hereinafter “other Operation Policies”) for individual services, and if Other Terms of Use conflict with the content hereof, other Operation Policies control.
  2. Any matters or interpretations not provided herein shall be handled in accordance with “Other Operation Policies,” relevant laws and legislations, or the commercial customs.

Article 5. Entering into the Terms of Use

  1. The agreement for use shall be entered into after the person who wishes to become the Member (the “Applicant”) agrees to the Terms of Use, and applies for a membership, and the Company approves the application.
  2. In principle, the Company shall grant the Applicant the right to use the Service. However, the Company may disallow the Applicant from using the Service, or may terminate the agreement for use afterwards in the following cases where:
    1. The Applicant had lost his/her membership pursuant to this Terms of Use, except for a case where the Applicant has acquired consent from the Company for re-entrance;
    2. The Applicant entered false information, or did not enter the information requested by the Company;
    3. An approval is impossible due to the user’s liability, or the Applicant applies for a membership while violating other related regulations.
  3. The Company may delay the approval when the Service-related facilities are not enough, or there are technical or business issues.
  4. In principle, the Company shall give a notification to the Applicant when it does not approve the membership application or delay the approval in accordance with Clause 2 and 3.
  5. The agreement for use shall be entered into at the time when the Company displays “Membership Complete” in the application process.
  6. The Company may categorize Members by grade pursuant to the Company policies, and give differential treatment to the Members in using the Service by segmenting the hours and frequency of use, and the Service menus.

Article 6. Changes to Member’s Information

  1. The Member may access and modify his/her personal information anytime through the personal information management page.
  2. The Member shall notify the Company of the change by modifying the information online to the Company, when his/her registered information has been changed.
  3. The Company shall take no responsibility for the disadvantages that might occur as a result of the Member not informing the Company of the change described in Clause 2.

Article 7. Obligations to Protect Personal Information

The Company shall make efforts to protect personal information of the Member in accordance with the relevant laws. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the privacy policy of the Company and relevant laws shall be applied. However, the privacy policy of the Company shall not be applied to linked websites, other than to the official websites of the Company.

Article 8. Notification to Member

  1. When the Company sends a notification to the Member, unless described otherwise herein, the Company may send it via SMS or through other means deemed appropriate by the Company.
  2. When giving notifications to all the Members, the Company may replace the notification described in Clause 1 by putting a post on the Company’s bulletin board for more than seven (7) days.

Article 9. Obligation of the Company

  1. The Company shall not conduct a behavior that violates relevant laws, the Terms of Use, or the traditional custom, and shall make utmost efforts to provide the Service consistently and stably.
  2. The Company shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that the Member can safely use the Service, and the Company shall publicly announce and abide by the privacy policy.
  3. When the Company acknowledges that the opinions or complaints from the Member with respect to the use of the Service are justified, the Company shall handle them. As for the opinions or complaints from the Member, the Company shall inform the Member of the handling process and results through the bulletin board or by other means judged to be appropriate by the Company.

Article 10. Obligation of the Member

  1. Members shall not engage in the behavior set forth as follows.
    • Registering false information when applying for a membership or modifying information.
    • Using the personal information of others.
    • Changing information posted by the Company.
    • Transmitting or posting information (such as computer program) other than the information designated by the Company.
    • Infringing on copyrights or intellectual property right of the Company and the third party.
    • Damaging the reputation of the Company and a third party, or disrupting their business.
    • Disclosing or posting obscene or violent message, video, voice and other information that violates the traditional custom in the Service.
    • Falsely representing oneself as the Company or third person or illegally using others’ identity.
    • Distributing false information for the purpose of economic benefits of oneself or others or posing damage to others.
    • Using the Service for purposes other than the Service’s true intent such as using the Service to promote/mediate unhealthy relationship or for the purpose of harassments or libelous attacks against other individuals or groups.
    • Illegally collecting, disclosing or providing other Members’ personal information, registered information and user history or the like.
    • Activity which could threaten the account security of the Member such as allowing others to access his/her account.
    • Using the Service for a commercial purpose without a Company’s agreement.
    • Aiding or encouraging any activities stated above.
    • Conducting other illegal or unjust behaviors.
  2. The Member shall abide by relevant laws, provisions of this Terms of Use and guide for the use as well as the Company’s notice and notifications with respect to the Service and shall not conduct behaviors that may interfere with the Company’s business.

Article 11. Providing the Service

  1. The Company provides the Member with the following services:
    1. LikeMe: Utilities using facebook account of members ;
    2. Services that the Company provides to the Member through additional developments or partnership with other companies
  2. The Company may categorize services into certain areas and designate different available service hours to each area. However, in this case, the Company shall give notices beforehand.
  3. In principle, the Service is provided all year around, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. The Company may temporarily stop providing the Service if there is a maintenance check, repair, replacement, breakdown, or communications cutoff of information and communications facilities like computers, and if there are other significant operational issues. In this case, the Company shall give a notification to the Member in a way set forth in Article 8 (Notification to Member). However, if the Company cannot give a notice beforehand due to unavoidable circumstances, it may notify the Member afterwards.
  5. The Company may carry out a routine maintenance when it is needed for providing the Service, and the time of the regular maintenance shall be the time publicly announced on the service screens or pages.
  6. The Company may categorize Members by grade pursuant to whether the Member has verified his/her identity, has registered information and the conditions set by the Company and give differential treatment to the Members in regard to using parts or all of the Services.

Article 12. Changes to the Service

  1. The Company may change all or part of services pursuant to the operational and technical necessity if there are significant reasons.
  2. If there is a change to the content of the Service or how and when to use the Service, the Company shall post the reasons of the change, the content of the Service to be changed, and the date to provide the changed Service in a way easily recognizable by the Member such as on the “Public Notice” page of the service prior to the change.
  3. the Company may change, stop, or modify a part or all of the services provided for free due to the necessity of the Company’s policy and operation, and shall not compensate the Member for this, unless otherwise stated in the relevant laws.

Article 13. Providing Information and Posting Advertisement

  1. The Company, through public notices or SMS, may provide various types of information recognized as necessary for the Member to use the Service. However, if the Company is to send for-profit advertisement through telephones (SMS) or other transmission devices, the Company shall receive the Member’s consent beforehand.
  2. The Member may refuse the receipt anytime except for trade-related information and answers for customer inquiry pursuant to relevant laws.
  3. The Company, regarding the Service operation, may post advertisements on the Service screen and homepage.
  4. The Company shall not take measures of changing, editing or restricting postings or other information in regards to Service provided by the Company.

Article 14. Copyright of Postings

The copyright of the Postings put up on the Service by the Member shall belong to the creator of the corresponding post.

Article 15. Management of Posting

  1. If the Posting of the Member violates relevant laws, the right-holder may request that the Posting be taken down or be deleted pursuant to the procedures set forth in the relevant laws, and the Company shall take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.
  2. Even without the request from the right-holder as described in the previous Clause, the Company may take temporary measures on the Posting and on a specific Group(a specific LikeMe) which contains the Posting in accordance with the relevant laws if the Posting infringes on rights, or violates policies of the Company or relevant laws.
  3. The contents of the Posting can be checked when the Company needs to confirm the compliance of this Terms of Use and relevant laws.
  4. Parts of the Posting can be deleted on the Service after a certain time period and the Member holds accountability to manage the Posting.
  5. The Company provides an editing feature to delete Posting of allowing the representative of a meeting to delete Posting on closed gathering made by the Member to share with others.

Article 16. Ownership of Rights

  1. The Company shall own copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Service. However, the Member’s Postings and the works provided in accordance with partnership contracts shall be excluded. The Company shall own the ownership and right to use for all intellectual property rights such as trademark, service mark and logos concerning the Service such as the design of the Service provided by the Company, text, scripts, graphics and a function of transmission created by the Company.
  2. The Terms of Use shall not grant the right for Service and related copyright to the Member, but the right to use the Service within the scope designated by the Company. The Member may use the Service as it is provided for the purpose of information collection and personal use.
  3. The Member shall not use, copy or distribute the status information of the Member gained through the Service, except the content explicitly allowed by the Company for a commercial purpose and shall not copy or distribute texts, scripts and features of mutual transmission between the Member created by the Company.
  4. The Member shall be prevented from creating derivatives or attempting to reverse file or extracting source code in regards to Service or software therein unless it is explicitly allowed by the Company via a written consent.

Article 17. Member’s Termination/Cancellation of Agreement

  1. The Member may request a withdrawal from his/her membership anytime through the account deletion menu within the Service, and the Company shall handle it promptly as set forth in the relevant laws.
  2. If the Member terminates the agreement, all the data about the Member shall be deleted and will be unrecoverable except the case where the Company holds the Member’s information following the relevant laws and privacy policy.
  3. When the Member terminates the agreement, all the Postings registered in his/her account such as profile picture that is used to distinguish each Member shall be deleted. However, Postings registered to common board or those re-posted due to scrap and tag by others shall not be deleted thus be sure to delete desired postings before withdrawal.

Article 18. Restrictions on Use

  1. The Company may restrict the use of the Service in stages from warning to temporary suspension to the agreement termination if the Member violates the obligations of this Terms of Use or disrupts the normal operations of the Service.
  2. The Company may immediately terminate the agreement if the Member violates relevant laws, notwithstanding the steps taken as in the previous Clause, as in the cases where he/she provides illegal programs and disrupts the operation, conducts illegal communications and hacking, distributes malicious programs, and exceeds his/her login authority. When the agreement is terminated in accordance with this Article, all the benefits acquired by using the Service shall be lost, and the Company shall not be responsible for any compensation.
  3. The Company may restrict the use for the protection of the Member’s information and the efficiency of operations when the Member has not logged in for more than one (1) year.
  4. Within the scope of restrictions on use set forth in this Article, the Company shall follow policies regarding restrictions on use and operation policies set by each individual service when it comes to the conditions and details of restrictions.
  5. The Company shall give a notification to the Member as described in Article 8 (Notification to Member), when restricting the use of the Service or terminating the agreement pursuant to this Article.
  6. In accordance with the procedure set forth by the Company, the Member may raise objections on the restrictions on use described in this Article. In this case, when the Company acknowledges the justification of objections, the Company shall immediately resume the use of the Service.

Article 19. Limitation of Liability

  1. The Company shall be exempt from any responsibility related to providing the Service in the case where the Company is unable to provide the Service due to natural disasters or any force majeure.
  2. The Company shall not be responsible for Service errors arising from problem in Service use or communication due to the Member’s liability such as service use error due to the loss of accessing device.
  3. The Company shall not be responsible for the credibility and accuracy of the information, documents and facts that the Member posts regarding the Service.
  4. The Company shall be exempt from any responsibility when there was a trade between Members or between the Member and a third party having the Service as a medium.
  5. The Company shall not be responsible with respect to the use of free services unless otherwise specifically described in relevant laws.

Article 20. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Disputes arising between the Company and the Member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
  2. Lawsuits regarding the disputes arising between the Company and the Member shall be brought in Seoul Central District Court as the court of first instance.


This Terms of Use are effective on November 1, 2013

Revisions to this terms of use were made on:
- November 1, 2013
- April 3, 2013
- February 18, 2013
- August 8, 2012